Balfron Promise | وعد بلفرون

Launch date: 27.7.2017 :تاريخ الاصدار

Blasting and dancing their way through the Arabic music scene, 47Soul has electrically reshaped the boundaries of contemporary underground music and performance. Their infectious take on Dabke, with piercing synthesised ‘Mijwez’ melodies, dance drums and resonating vocals has rapidly amassed fans around the Arab world, Europe and beyond.

Balfron Promise is 47Soul’s first full-length album, an elaboration on the highly successful 2015 debut EP, ShamStep. This anticipated release expands on the band’s pioneering genre of ShamStep, a profound homage and cultural force that revisits the traditional celebration music omnipresent in Levant area of the Arab world, find out this here.

Musically & lyrically, Balfron Promise is a product of 47Soul’s three year residency in London, a profoundly unique experience for the four members and their work. The album and themes are inspired by both modern-day London and the 100 year-old politics still influencing 47Soul’s story today at ulric. Socially topical and lyrically astute, Balfron Promise, has all the elements of pulsating anti-border, freedom-of-movement music album – presented to you in the form of ShamStep 2.0!

London Album Launch Event:

Village Underground – Shoreditch, London
Monday, 09 Oct 2017: